Purchasing the right lamps for your home

Purchasing the right lamps for your home:

Picking the right lamps for your home is a an important step in creating a beautiful space. There are many styles and options to choose from and hopefully these ideas will give you a little of guidance when making your decision.

When picking out lamps you should consider where the lamp is going to be placed. The most basic types of lamps are table lamps, floor lamps and walls lamps.  Lamps that are end tables are typically going to be taller than lamps that go on a sofa table or a credenza.

If you have a lot of color already going on in your room then you may want to keep your lamps monochromatic, and if your room is neutral than you may want to add a fun patterned shade to brighten things up.

Every room should have a triangle of lighting. So, if you have at least two lamps on one side then you should have one lamp on the other side… hence, triangle. Good lighting is very important in every room!


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