Selecting the right rugs for your home

Selecting the right rugs for your home:

First it is important to measure what size of a rug is needed. Choose a layout and with a tape measure map out the size that feels comfortable and works for your area.

Then you can pick your pattern or keep it solid. A great way to know which to choose is to look at color accents and patterns from your home decor that you already have. If you have a lot going on it is probably best to keep it solid. Or you can make a statement to a simple room with a patterned rug. There should be a connection of colors from your home decor to your rug.

There are also many styles of rugs to choose from. If the style selection in your furniture and accessories is contemporary then the rug you choose should also be contemporary in style. If you are transitional or traditional  then your rug choice should also follow suit.

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