Themes, Colors, Walls, Oh My!

When shopping for home decor it is important to have a theme. A great way to pick a home decor theme is to think of a place that you love such as the beach or by a hobby that you love. Once you have a home decor theme it is much easier to work on your home design.

Picking colors for your home decor is easy when you think of what colors make you feel good to be around. May they be bright or soft they should be colors that you will not tire of. It is also important to think about your home decor theme and pull some color inspiration from there.

Choosing which walls to decorate and which walls to leave blank can be a little overwhelming. You don’t want to over do it! Let’s be honest… some of your walls should be left alone. It is important to remember that walls that are behind furniture should have home decor items on them like; pictures, plaques, mirrors or clocks. Walls to the side of furniture should be left alone.