Our Top 5 Secrets of Interior Design

When it comes to interior design we understand it can all be a little overwhelming, so we thought we would give you our top 5 secrets. Hopefully, these can help you get started designing the space of your dreams.

1. Picking Your Theme

When you are ready to start designing your home/space a great place to start is by picking a theme. You want to think about themes and styles that will reflect your own personality and style. Some examples are Country, Farmhouse, Modern, Traditional and Coastal.

2. Placing Your Accessories

We know accessories add a lot to a room, but avoid over doing it. A great tip to think about is the rule of threes. Use this as a guideline to arrange items in settings of odd numbers rather than even ones. Think about staggering items that are different heights to create a grouping.

3. Make A Small Space Look Larger

Use fewer and larger pieces of multi-functional furniture to expand the size of your space instead of a bunch of small ones. This will make your space feel larger and less cluttered. Remember… less is more!

4. Add Color With Art And Pillows

In design art and pillows are like accessories to complete a great outfit. They add that final touch to a space. Without them you might say your room looks/feels naked.

5. Include Mirrors

A well designed room will always include mirrors. Mirrors reflect light which in turn makes a room seem larger and adds dimension.