Living Large In Small Spaces

Keeping it Monochromatic

Any easy way to expand any space is with monochromatic color scheme. Use a single base color for the room that you are designing then incorporate different shades and tones of the main color. This builds a sense of harmony and balance to the room but also can be bold and dramatic. If done correctly, it also creates the illusion of space. You then can then add a pop of color in your art, pillows and even area rug. Using different textures in your decor will help break up the even look that a monochromatic scheme can create.

Piece by Piece

Another great way to make a space feel larger is to choose a few statement pieces that draw the eye. Just because the space is small does not mean that you need to use tiny furniture. Use larger pieces but fewer of them. Choose pieces that can also be multi-functional. Pick an ottoman or bench that can also be used for storage, opt for a bed that has built-in drawers. Make those pieces of furniture earn their space!

Choose the Right Rug

A very important part in creating the space of a room is choosing the right rug. Nothing can make a room seem small then picking the wrong size rug. A tiny rug will make the room feel just as tiny. Pick a rug that is large enough that most of the furniture is able to fit on top of it. Area rug that are very popular at the moment are jute, go with lots of different decor and are inexpensive.

We know that when it comes to decorating small spaces it can feel almost impossible. Just remember that you do not need to sacrifice style… it is possible to get the small space of your dreams!