Ready For The Holidays? 10 Hot Tips

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your holiday furniture and accessories.
  2. Freshen up your home with a new plant arrangement for your buffet or dining table.
  3. Add some jeweled candles with large candle holders that can be used year round, but look very festive for the holidays. Crosses and crowns work great!
  4. Time to add a silk or velvet runner on top of your dining table to give it a little glam for the holidays.
  5. Take off a few of the clear crystals on your chandelier and add some red and gold crystals for some holiday spirit.
  6. Fill up vases with water and cranberries or lemons, different sizes at different heights for your kitchen.
  7. Add mini lights to your indoor plants.
  8. Take large round Christmas ornaments and set them around in decorative bowls.
  9. Add a statue of a large angel for a dramatic look on your banquet table with food on lower level, so the centerpiece commands attention.
  10. Get a massage and pedicure… you’ll need after doing all that!