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A Punch of Color

A Punch of Color Now is the time to add a punch of color to your home design. Color can have a huge impact on a rooms overall message and effectiveness. Many color combinations have the power to catch our attention, generate emotion and make a lasting statement. There are many ways to incorporate color […]

Ready For The Holidays? 10 Hot Tips

Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your holiday furniture and accessories. Freshen up your home with a new plant arrangement for your buffet or dining table. Add some jeweled candles with large candle holders that can be used year round, but look very festive for the holidays. Crosses and crowns work great! Time […]

Living Large In Small Spaces

Keeping it Monochromatic Any easy way to expand any space is with monochromatic color scheme. Use a single base color for the room that you are designing then incorporate different shades and tones of the main color. This builds a sense of harmony and balance to the room but also can be bold and dramatic. […]

Interior Designs Most Frequently Asked Questions

Today we just wanted to give you our most frequently asked questions in interior design and the answers to those questions. We hope you find these useful and they help give you a little inspiration to start that design project you have been putting off! Q: Can furniture be a fashion trend? A: Yes, trends […]

Transform Your Home with Texture

Trending now in design is everything texture! The main idea of interior design is to maximize the visual beauty of your home. Adding texture to that “idea” only enhances it. Having a variety of textures in your space adds interest and provides balance. Here are a few ideas for adding texture: 1. Pillows This is […]

Pillow Talk!

Decorative throw pillows can turn a simple piece of upholstery to an amazing one! With millions of choices of throw pillows, it can definitely be a little overwhelming when you are trying to pick the perfect ones. So we thought we would give you a few tips to keep in mind;   Don’t be afraid […]

Our Top 5 Secrets of Interior Design

When it comes to interior design we understand it can all be a little overwhelming, so we thought we would give you our top 5 secrets. Hopefully, these can help you get started designing the space of your dreams. 1. Picking Your Theme When you are ready to start designing your home/space a great place […]