How do I decorate the large wall behind my sectional or sofa?

There are several options:

1. You can do a large picture that connects the color in your sectional or sofa or pillows on your furniture.
2. You can do a center picture with four small pictures stacked two on each side of the large picture in the center.
3. You can do a group of three pictures of the same size placing one in the center, one on the right, and one on the left.

Should I use two matching lamps in my family room?

You can do two different lamps, but they need to be connected
by color or style and they should relate to your color palette and design theme.

Should I have something on each wall in my room or should some walls be empty?

No, You should pick the walls of focus and the other walls should be blank as to not
compete with each other.

If I used a mirror in my dining room, can I also use a mirror in the living room?

Each room should be unique, try not to be repetitive in your design. Do a picture
gallery in one room and a do mirror in the other.

How do I choose accessories for my room?

The style of your furniture will dictate what type of accessories that you should
use. If your style is modern, you choose modern accessories that accent the colors
you are using. If you’re more farm house or using alot of wood, you can use ceramic
accessories and add a pop of color. But they would be what I call clean and simple.

How do I choose my accent colors?

Think of what color you feel good around and pick your accessories by blending
different shades of that color throughout your room. There will be a connection
either in all glass accessories in same color, but with different shapes or metal
accessories and then pop color with art & pillows. You should connect them by design
or color.

Should I put accessories on my cocktail table in our family room?

Yes, Keep it simple and keep it low. For example: Put a box to put remotes in
or a sculpted glass bowl.

Should I have my clock in my family room and also put one in the living room?

Clocks work best in the family room and kitchen areas.

Where do I use accessories in my master bedroom?

You can use a group of accessories on the center of your dresser. You can put
small accessories on each of your night stands. Put two on one night stand and one on the
other night stand and then put pictures above the bed.

How do I figure out my accessory theme?

Your hobbies: If you like butterflies, you can do all pictures in butterflies and colors
going with your photos. If you like a coastal theme, you can use photos of the beach
and the ocean. If you like cycling, use photos of cycling and metal sculptures of cycling etc.